Great Reasons To Attend TCIS

Following are the special feature of TCIS that will help you answer “ why join TCIS”.


Just the right size.

The Creator International School is a co-educational, day school of approximately class size of 25 – 30 students and student-teacher ratio of  1 : 15. This is to ensure individual attention for the efficient learning, growth and development of child.






Special Attention by the President:

The president of the TCIS is a Scientist (Astrophysicist) in the topmost research institute of our country and has contributed several international research publications.His personal involvement in the academics of school is the most important part of school development and progress. Teaching staff are also trained and motivated by him and he interacts with teachers weekly in person and regularly through phone and internet.





A rich curriculum.

The world’s best and most popular Cambridge – IGCSE is the most important part of our school development plan. This board is well known for teaching highest standard with practical approach with ZERO burden on child during learning process. The Cambridge Board and TCIS educational philosophies are blended to create a rigorous academic program that deepens and broadens the knowledge and experiences of our students. The Board prepare students exceedingly well for their next school experience, whether it be university or another K-12 school.




Advanced Learning systems and teaching methodology

  • Laboratory based Learning
  • Project based larning
  • Online LMS

TCIS have huge ( 700 sqft each) science separate laboratories with world-class facilities, as per the standards of Cambridge, for Physics, Chemistry , Maths and all other subjects including Languages, Social studies and Art & Craft right from Primary section. Everything will be taught in laboratories only, a practical approach that will take students knowledge and understanding to new heights.


Robust Assessment and Evaluation System:

Most important part of school teaching is the easy, through and confident learning processes. The traditional class-room teaching does not provide an opportunity for the student to check his learning in a fool-proof way. In our school we make sure that the students have got the concept clear in class room itself so that he/she need not have to struggle at home or in extra tuition classes. No outside tuitions are allowed. Everything is taught through activity and by experiment only and then it is made sure in the class room itself by teacher by asking student to repeat the activity or experiment or his/her learning.

Every weekend/fortnight  there is a test on the subjects and activities done. Anything remaining unclear will be repeated after the test in next week and will be clarified or made easier by involving student again. Then there will be a semester exam quarterly which will again evaluate the performance. If teachers find that certain aspects or concepts remained unclear these will be repeated again after the semester results.

All the semester exams are conducted by external examiner /other teachers.

There is another evaluation system component where the school in-charge or the president of school or the academic coordinator takes internal test every week / fortnight of those students who haven’t performed well in last test/semester. This is to make sure that every student has learned the entire syllabus completely.


Talented faculty.

Our trained, highly qualified and experienced faculty hold advanced university degrees. On-going, in-house training and professional development of our faculty is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy.

TCIS being member of MISA (Members of International Schools Association), the teaching faculty enjoys to learn from regular training and development camps and functions arranged by MISA. The Cambridge also provide training and 24 x 7 x 365 online interactive support through video conferencing.




Special Monitoring through Internet :

Each classroom is equipped with IP-camera with micro-phone to live-broadcast the video and audio through internet. TCIS has special DVR and dedicated internet connection for live transmission of entire class room activities for the management’s dedicated personnel from Mumbai and Pune. Entire class room activity is observed in real time from Mumbai and feedbacks are advised immediately to teachers in class rooms. There are dedicated phone lines between school and an expert in Mumbai to communicate and coordinate.





TCIS championships and Health Program:

TCIS have huge playground to incorporate lots of sport activities. Sport is an integral part of curriculum with daily sport activity for each class. Several in-door and out-door activities for students and weekly compitions under TCIS weekly champioshipd. TCIS has a special subject called Health Awareness as a part of curriculum to be taught right from pre-primary. This is to make student aware of their health by teaching them about cleanliness, hygienic, body nutrition requirements, body weaknesses, illnesses and their remedies and management, how to take care of health that is based on diet and physical and mental activities.




Not just a school, a community.

School is not just for students! An active Parent Teacher Association contributes to school life in many ways from running competitions at school events to hosting the annual formal for parents and teachers. The school organizes workshops, trainings, and activities for parents to participate in both on their own and with their children.