Our Crest & Motto


The meaning of TCIS’s motto:


The school motto, Enter to learn and serve, helps us identify and understand The Creator of Universe and His creation through Science.


Explanation of the School Crest:


The symbol of the Planet Saturn represents the creation in Universe. A symbol of an Planet recognizes the life in the solar system and in Universe.

The open book represents the value of education and knowledge through observations and studies. The book is open as we are always obtaining knowledge and enriching our lives through the arts.

The Telescope and Microscope symbolizes the study of creation (sciences) which includes the Universe as well as Living bodies. An understanding of the sciences, which includes Life sciences (MicroScope) and Astronomy and Astrophysics (Telescope) , as well as all forms of physical and biological sciences, is critical. The symbol of a ellipse represents a side view of a galaxy ( Milky way, a family of stars in which our solar system is a member). The students of TCIS make up a diverse population which represents the stars in the galaxy. Each child is from a different nation, yet at TCIS, becoming common citizens of the world with a responsibility to enhance the lives of others.


School Colors:


The color green represents growth and future learning by the students and community, while white represents the founding years and history of TCIS.