Our Vision


The Creator International School, Khamgaon is a mission-driven school. We have committed ourselves to, and we authentically and enthusiastically endeavor to keep the four commitments set forth in our Mission Statement :

  • to understand and realize The Creator of Universe;
  • to empower students to be courageous, optimistic, and full of integrity;
  • to inspire continuous inquiry; and to enhance the lives of others.

We believe that as we move through the processes of inquiry, discussion, decision-making and reflection, we develop an understanding of ourselves, of other people and of our world.

As Life-Long Learners we will acquire the ability to:

  • Ask meaningful questions and search for knowledge and understanding
  • Listen and be open-minded
  • Think critically yet compassionately and use our skills, knowledge and creativity to find solutions to problems
  • Effectively communicate feelings, opinions and ideas in a variety of ways
  • Reflect on our own learning styles and make effective decisions about our learning

We believe that the above dispositions and talents can only be fostered in a secure, supportive, multi-cultural environment. We believe that honesty, respect and caring are fundamental to creating a positive school culture and ultimately a better world.

Objectives of the Trust

Along-with most advanced curriculum for their formal education we are committed to enrich pupils with the scriptural languages like Sanskrit or Arabic or Greek or Hebrew to help them study and understand their respective divine scriptures for their moral and ethical developments.

Education is the key for all developments and need to be focused. The young generation in this country need to access quality education for mainstreaming role, growth and a place in the society. Youths are looking forward to playing mainstream role in the social, educational and economic development of the nation. They need enabling environment.