Principal’s Corner 

Dear Parents and Students,

In a rapidly changing and challenging world we believe it to be the school’s primary task to foster in its community a life-long love of learning, confidence and a sense of responsible citizenship. Our educational programs are designed to develop the understanding, skills and attitudes that support this. We believe that as we move through the processes of inquiry, discussion, decision-making and reflection, we develop an understanding of ourselves, of other people and of our world.



We struggle to inculcate in our students the ability to:

  • Being conscious and deciplined
  • Ask meaningful questions and search for knowledge and understanding
  • Listen and be open-minded
  • Think critically yet compassionately and use our skills, knowledge and creativity to find solutions to problems
  • Effectively communicate feelings, opinions and ideas in a variety of ways

As Responsible Global Citizens we train them to demonstrate:

  • Empathy and compassion
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Respect and tolerance for other religions, traditions, attitudes and cultures
  • The confidence to defend our own rights and values while respecting those of others


We believe that the above goal can only be achieved and fostered in a secure, supportive, multi-cultural environment. We believe that honesty, respect and caring are fundamental to creating a positive school culture and ultimately a better world. Self-esteem is considered a pre- requisite for learning, anxiety a great obstacle. We believe that every individual has the desire and the ability to learn and that it is our duty to provide a positive and authentic learning environment.

Our students are encouraged to take risks, learn to compete and to do their best at all times through TCIS weekly championships.  Personal success is celebrated and students are assisted in reaching their potential intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

At TCIS, parents, teachers and students are partners in learning. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in guiding and supporting their children’s learning. All members of the community are asked to embrace the values and positive attitudes we desire in our students. Collaboration, sharing of ideas and creative conflict resolution should characterize all relationships within the school community.

The 21st century will require independent thinkers, conscious, disciplined and responsible citizens, creative problem-solvers and confident decision-makers. With a secure base in these skills, our students should be able to move on to other global environments, higher education and the wider world with confidence and optimism.
Warm Regards,

Ms. Shradhha Marathe