Assessments and Moderation Systems

Assessments and Moderation system is the most important part of learning system and must be transparent and independent for the teaching faculties. Assessment is set within a multipurpose and flexible framework, a creative combination of formative and summative assessment. That framework includes a comprehensive package of support for teachers and learners. It includes detailed schemes of work and exemplar lesson plans with defined learning outcomes, resources to support teaching and learning (and not just textbooks), teacher training, and teacher professional development. TCIS provides a positive educational experience for all students, harnessing assessment as a tool for monitoring progress and adapting teaching to the needs of individuals.

  • Daily random test of 4 -5 students from each class by the exam-coordinator (not by teacher) and report is shared with the academic counselor and LMS analyst for further actions and improvements.
  • Monthly/fortnightly chapter test to asses the progress is conducted as written papers and the report is shared with the academic counselor and LMS analyst to give the feedback to teacher and inform parents about child’s progress. In the final grades these marks carry a weightage of 25%.
  • Feedback to teacher’s after random test and chapter test. If student could not perform well in test, that portion or part is repeated by teacher in the next class.
  • Students getting less than 75% marks in any test are taken remedial class and the test is conducted again to improve the students’ performance.
  • Three Semester exams are conducted in whole academic year. Discussion on the progress of child with parents after each semesters
  • Every Thursday parents can meet teachers for academic discussion.
  • Independent evaluation and moderation of daily, chapter and semester exams/test
  • Detail report of social habits, social behavior, conduct, and all aspect of academic learning (more than 25) are evaluated and graded in the grade sheet.
  • Teaching faculty is not involved in questions papers setting and evaluation for greater transparency and independent evaluation.