The International Science Olympiads are a group of worldwide annual competitions in various areas of science. The aims of each ISO are to promote a career in science; to challenge the brightest students from around the world. The standards of the exams are extremely high. In several countries, achieving a high ranking in any ISO guarantees access to a university of choice and a fellowship. It also benefits student in many ways:

  • Students judge themselves at international levels. It also motivates them towards excellence.
  • A comprehensive report based on Olympiad examination enables students to delve deeper into their strengths and weaknesses.
  • ISO promotes Science talents from school to national and higher levels by recognizing their merits and awarding them with cash, medal and honorariums.
  • To prepare them to get into the world renown institutes like IIT, TIFR, ISRO and BARC in the country and to the topmost universities in the world through JRE and TOEFL.

This year above 90 % student from our primary classes have participated in the NSO, IMO and IEO Olympiads by Science Olympiad Foundation. We have organized extra coaching for all these students free of cost. Every day, for extra 40 minutes, students will be trained in problem solving in science and math and practicing them English language for IEO.


In the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIADS  in the subject of Science, Mathematics and English conducted by Science Olympiads Foundation (SOF) in 25 COUNTRIES, 47000 SCHOOLS AND 20 MILLION STUDENTS from all over the world .

Our students got

  • Total 46 MEDALS ( 16 GOLD, 15 SILVER AND 15 BRONZE) –……………Extraordinary!!!!!
  • 137 students from class 1 to 5 appeared from our school and won 46 international medals. ……………..Amazing!!!
  • 7 of our students have reached second level of science and mathematics Olympiads and all 7 got MERIT ……………. Outstanding!!!!
  • One of our class 1 students got 85 % marks in Mathematics Olympiads. Getting 50 % marks in such exams is extremely difficult. …………Wonderful!!

Now our school is known in 25 countries and 47000 schools for its quality of education and performance of our students. …………..Excellent!!!