Preparatory classes (Nursery and Lower Prep)

“Completely activity based learning at pre-school using Oxford International workbooks, high quality world-class educational videos, educational toys, games, puzzles for phonemic and phonics development at early years at TCIS”.


  • Well planned curricullum with monthly theme for overall development of child.
  • Group and individual activities daily.
  • Daily computer multimedia for phonics and conversation video for one hour.
  • Oxford’s “Discovering Mathematics” for building mathematical concepts.
  • Teaching aids, Posters, Cards, Charts, Educational toys and Equipments for effective teaching.
  • VCD’s, Video Clips, Animated Rhymes and educational videos for kids.
  • Complete English environment in the class room with a strict prohibition for the use of other laguages for teachers.
  • Daily worksheets are given to each student for coloring, sketching, drawing, writing, picture matching and concept development.
  • Daily fun activities, Arts/Craft, daily English conversation and public speaking practices.Monthly Educational Excursions ( Railway station, Gardens, Colleges etc)
  • Three semester and every week oral test by external experienced examiners.
  • Quarterly Comprehensive Progress Report covering all aspects of students personality. 50 Different aspect of child’s personality are evaluated and put in Progress Report quarterly.
  • Compulsory Mother-Teachers meet after every semester.
  • Playpark and lots of play equipment’s under construction.