Teaching Methodology


Much of the ‘learning’ that children receive in schools nowadays, is largely rote and thus lacks in-depth understanding of a subject. ‘Knowledge’ is built up only on a thorough understanding of a subject, which is put to test in real-life competition. To acquire knowledge through ‘proper learning’ in order to contribute meaningfully to tomorrow’s world, the students and schools need a paradigm shift in the way they look at ‘learning’.

To give our students the best of the world and making learning a joyful experience School has adopted three most advanced learning systems, Lab Based Learning (LBL), Project Based Learning (PBL), and Online Learning management System (LMS), right from Primary.

A team of highly qualified specialists coordinate the entire teaching program and learning systems at TCIS under the guidance of the President.

  • Academic Counselor/Manager (AC) : Caretaker of all academic activities in school. Follows and guide the curriculum daily with teachers. Also moderate, evaluate and conduct test and semester exam.
  • Exam Coordinator (EC): Conduct the random and monthly test and prepare the record and share with AC and LA.
  • LMS Analyst (LA) : Evaluate internal test papers and projects records for PBL and prepare the reports and organize the online LMS for all students.
  • Principal: Manages and administer all these activities