Residency Requirements:

TCIS is a school for day students. There are no boarding facilities or provisions for students whose parents live and work outside of Khamgaon


Age Requirements & Grade Placement

All applicants must be toilet trained and meet the minimum age requirements below:

Applicant Applying for: Age Guidelines Whose Birthdate is On or Before
Nursery 3 years old July 31st
Lower Prep (KG 1) 4 years old July 31st
Upper Prep (KG 2) 5 years old July 31st

In all cases, final acceptance and grade placement are subject to evaluation of a complete application. Factors considered vital in making the appropriate grade level placement at TCIS  include: age, previous grade level placement, maturity (physical & social development), academic achievement, school attendance, and consistent educational experience. Exceptions may be made when, upon review of a complete application, it is determined that the applicant may benefit from being placed into a grade level based on age appropriateness and/or academic and social development. After evaluation, the applicant may be moved to a higher or lower grade, as appropriate. Evaluation of accepted applicants upon enrollment at TCIS  may result in changes in grade level placement after the student has attended TCIS  for a period of time.

Health and Medical Requirements:

The completed Student Health Form along with the other application documents are required prior to admission to TCIS.

During the admissions process, it is important to be open about your child’s specific needs as early in the process as possible. We will ask that you provide the school with as much information regarding their needs as possible, including, but not limited to, past testing, support plans (IEP’s, behavioral contracts, etc), as well as narrative comments from previous schools.

Note: Board Policy governs and restricts admission. In case of discrepancy between this document and Board of Trustees Policy, or in the event of changes in Board of Trustee Policy, current Board of Trustee Policy prevails.


School Brouchure

Admission Form