TCIS General Information

School Divisions

    • Preparatory  (3 and 4 year olds)
    • Primary ( year 5 – 11)
    • Secondary 1 (year 12 – 14)
    • Secondary 2 – IGCSE Cambridge (Year 15 – 16)


Class Size

  • 30 students per class



Faculty to Student Ratio

  • Overall Student/Faculty Ratio is 12:1



School Day

  • Preparatory :  9.00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Primary and Secondary 9.00 am to 3.20 pm


School Terms

  • Elementary School: Quarterly (June-September, October – January,  January – April )


Bus Service

Bus service covers almost the entire Khamgaon town. Please speak with the Admissions Office about the most current routes.


Dress Code

The purpose of TCIS’s Dress Code is to support a positive learning environment. TCIS  wants to establish an environment that will be comfortable for students, conducive to learning, and respectful of our host culture. In addition we want students to take responsibility for dressing for school while maintaining autonomy. It is for these reasons that TCIS  has the following expectations of acceptable clothing for students.

Students should be neatly dressed in clothing appropriate for entire school environment.

The expectations and guidelines are as follows:

  • Neat dress: Nice shirts, collared polo style or button up shirts are preferable.
  • Shoulders and backs must be covered.
  • The shirt and pants must have constant overlap with normal posture and movement; midriff should not be visible
  • If a student is wearing a jacket or sweat top over a shirt or blouse that does not meet dress code, it must remained zipped or buttoned up.
  • Only shoes are acceptable

Clothing promoting ideas which are inappropriate in the school setting should not be worn.

As a natural consequence students who are not dressed according to the guidelines will be asked to change into more appropriate attire or return home to acquire more suitable dress. If a student continually does not meet the guidelines, parents will be contacted and further consequences may result.