Extra Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular activities (CCAs) are non-academic activities that all TCIS students must participate in. This policy is introduced by the TCIS  as a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.

There are plethora of extracurricular activities that are provided by our school. They are extremely beneficial to develop leadership qualities like working as team,  communication skills, time management, involve in diverse interests, making contributions, making relationships and raising self-esteem. There are many students that feel worthless or that there is nothing they are good at. Teens struggle with self-esteem, and these activities are a way that they can build self-esteem. Everyone wants to find something that they are really good at, and CCA provide them with a way that they can get involved in something and really shine, giving their self-esteem a boost. In various international universities CCA records are considered by potential employers.

At our Primary (age group 5 – 11 years) we have CCA and as the student grow we will plan to have more like sports clubs (Chess club, Table tennis club, carom club, etc) and several leagues (Mathematic league, Science league etc in our school).

Presently every day students get one hour time to get involved into various activities. On Saturdays we organize championships in various CCA for two different age groups under 7 and under 11 including Drawing, Essay, Speech, Poetry, Recitation and Story telling

Chess, Carom, table tennis and Running

For the Secondary programs we would like to have more Co-curricular like Debates, Drama, Social journalism, and Reading.

Competitions are about a lot more than great prizes and having fun. They allow participants to learn, show their certified skills, compare their results and share their talents.

Many CCA-related competitions are held in TCIS every week for creating a competitive environment for  students of all age groups.  At TCIS, it is called  the ‘TCIS weekly championship’ for students. All students in age group 5 – 11 year are divided into two groups, under 7 and under 10, for taking parts in various activities.

For each age group Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded every Saturday in all these competitions making the weekend as most exciting day of the week for all students. All students participate in this championship.

Drawing, Essay, Speech, Poetry, Recitation and Storytelling..

Chess, Carom, table tennis and Running

Very soon school is planning to introduce sports like Badminton, Volley ball, Football, Basketball, skating, swimming, karate and lawn tennis.

In collaboration with the ARK TECHNOSOLUTIONS, a national leader in Robotics Education providing prospective training solutions to the Indian students in the fields of Robotics, Embedded Systems Design, Internet Security and Cloud Computing, we have conducted FISRT camp and completed three basic modules for our students of class 2 – class 4 this year.

The courses formulated by ARK Technosolutionshave been appreciated and conducted at the major Indian Technical Institutes like IITs and NITs. By training over 40,000 students in first three years of its inception, ARK Technosolutionshas made a substantial contribution in the foundational growth of Educational Robotics in India.

Our mission is to provide our students the best technical education and kits or machines which would enable them to have a competitive edge over others. This is responsibility and promise to strive to deliver quality education.

We aim to complete the 25 modules in coming year during vacations by organizing ROBOTICS camps.

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