The essential mission of the TCIS Library is to inspire and support its users towards creative and intellectual achievement while ethically learning the value of information and its acquisition. The TCIS Library strives to be a central hub for the TCIS community where all members feel encouraged and supported to fulfill the TCIS mission. All faculty, parents, and students comprise the TCIS community; all patrons are considered an integral part of the TCIS Library. Whenever in the library, classroom, home, or community, TCIS library patrons should feel empowered to embrace their future as lifelong learners. The skills needed to accomplish their dreams may be enhanced through the library and its many resources.

Large library (700 sq. ft) with a large collection of variety of books including Mathematics, science, English (fiction, non-fiction), stories for kids, Sanskrit language, Arabic language, Marathi language, Art & craft, sports, poetry, drawing and health awareness.