Sports Facilities


Sports is a very important activity at TCIS. It plans to be a hub for all sports and competitions in entire area. “TCIS weekly championships” is an important regular event at TCIS which will be soon open to all students from other schools as well.


Aims of PE Department

  • To identify the needs of the individual student and provide challenging, stimulating and innovative learning environment within and beyond the PE curriculum.
  • To provide a supportive learning environment which is low in stress and high in challenge.
  • To help students develop their personal qualities like discipline, leadership and sportsmanship to enable them to maximise their sporting potential and be transferable to other areas of their education and life.
  • To provide appropriate enrichment activities that develops their experience and knowledge of physical activity.
  • Above all to provide students with exit routes to further development of their sporting talents.


PE and Sports Facilities

The Creator International School campus will have world class facilities for indoor and outdoor sports. The students are encouraged and motivated to take up sports and physical activities and are trained by qualified experts in the field. In addition we ensure that our students not only reap the benefits of exercise in their formative years but also have fun doing so. The sports department plans to organize sports tournaments and activities to foster healthy competition and team spirit to help the student to improve the quality of their game.



  • Aerobics
  • Athletics (Track and field)
  • Badminton
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Trekking
  • Taekwando
  • Chess zone
  • Carrom zone
  • Physical education centre and laboratory for testing
  • Yoga



PE Uniform and Requirement

Students are expected to wear their PE uniform during Physical education and sports activities. They must also wear appropriate athletic footwear on days in which they have Physical education class. On days of swimming class, a swimming suit, and swim cap are mandatory, swim goggles are suggested. Students are encouraged to bring a hat, sunscreen and water bottle with they have class on the field.


Participation / Attendance

Attendance/participation is necessary for successful completion of class requirement. If a student is unable, due to injury or illness, to participate in physical education class we ask that a note from a parent / guardian or medical doctor be provided detailing the nature of illness or injury. If student found skipping class will suffer the same consequence of skipping any other class. Principal and parents will be contacted if student is continually late or absent for the PE and sports class.